Kiran Lightpaw (kiranlightpaw) wrote,
Kiran Lightpaw

This is where the story ends ... or has it just begun?

Once upon a time, long before radio navigation, before satellites and GPS, airmail pilots flying cross country relied on giant concrete arrows to orient themselves and point the direction to fly to the next arrow and destination. Despite advances, many of these arrows still exist, as if continuing to serve a roll even they're no longer needed.

Well, I'm putting this post up as an arrow for anyone who comes looking. It points to:

Which is where I will be blogging now. Since LiveJournal seems to be slowly fading away as heat death takes ahold and Dreamwidth never caught on how I had hoped it would, I decided to resurrect that bastion of the 1990s, the personal homepage. Rather than be beholden to some service that may decide to die or sell to Russia, I'll just do my own thing. Feel free to comment there - you can even use your Twitter (or Facebook, or Google+, or Disqus) account to log in.

It's been a great run. 2,000+ entries is nothing to sneeze at (and all have been safely archived). And there were a lot of great memories here. But all good things must come to an end. As one of my favorite quotes says, "All things change, and the arrow of time points in one direction only."

Considering that I started by talking about cheese, this is a pretty heavy way to go. So I'll leave you instead with the words to The Fray's song "How The Story Ends." Seems most apt.

All we know is distance
We're close and then we run
Kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one
But this is where the story ends
Or have we just begun
To kiss away the difference
I know you hate this one

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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